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Product Standards

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Product Standards

The European harmonised standards provide a direct presumption of conformity to the corresponding Directives essential requirements.

The European non harmonised standards, are however an agreed tool that can assure transparency and common understanding; consequently they are becoming a more and more applied reference in manufacturing contracts.

Directive Product


Standard Title


EN 286

Simple unfired pressure vessels designed to contain air or nitrogen


EN 13445
EN 13480
EN 12952
EN 12953

Unfired Pressure Vessels
Metallic Industrial Piping
Water-Tube Boilers and Auxiliary Installations
Shell Boilers


EN 13530
EN 14025

Cryogenic Vessels. Large transportable vacuum insulated vessels
Tanks for transport of dangerous goods


pr EN 1090

Execution of steel and aluminium structures


pr EN 15085

Welding of railway vehicles and components

The most important applicable European standards, dealing with welding fabrication, are shown in the table.

All these standards, when facing the welding fabrication process control, mention directly or indirectly the EN ISO 3834, and consequently certification of personnel.

The implementation of these directives and product standards that has been implemented in the European countries in the last 10 years, will dramatically increase the needs for certified welders as well as the regular maintenance of their certificates. The inclusion of the new member states, which now have to cope with the above directives and standards, will further create strain on the education systems.

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