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This web-base is information base for the MECCA project which includes project information and resources. MECCA project aims to validate a new pedagogical principle for organizing and delivering in-company skills development, by establishing new model(s) for delivering more cost- and time-efficient in-company adapted mixed (blended) learning and training that create new synergies for effective and pedagogical inclusion of state of the art high quality real time visual collaboration and communication tools into current training principles.

The basis for such a framework will be an innovative train the trainer program facilitating virtual mobility in companies and VET schools, by enhancing presence at a distance for instructors, trainers, and staff.

The new blended virtual learning environment emphasizes pedagogical use and inclusion of new crucial support services like structured and targeted training of trainers, pedagogical mentoring, stage management support, mediation of competence, etc.

Approach: The project objectives will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Design of educational content and a train the trainer program facilitating virtual mobility for trainers and staff.
  • Delivery of train-the-trainer courses to trainers of welding companies, particularly SMEs, by using visual collaboration tools, aiming at maximizing flexibility and reducing training costs for the companies, thus increasing profits.
  • Validation of a “standardized visual collaboration environment” of VET trainers for the effective integration of blended learning methodologies and presence at distance for (in)company training environments.
  • Provide level specific practices on the effective use of coordinated and adapted visual communication and collaboration services for (in)company training/ VET schools in the above pedagogical setup, through an independent European information base to be founded on an open educational network.
  • Delivery of flexible blended train-the-trainer training based on European standards for validation purposes. The validation will include targeted (in)company course based on standards covering specific educational needs These courses will be based on training welders according EWF Guidelines for getting diplomas as European Welder; Fillet Welder, Plate Welder or Pipe Welder. It will also cover the needs for training and retraining when certificates are going to be issued and prolonged according the EN 287 standard as well as EN - ISO 9606 suit of standards.
  • Cost-effective cross sector exploitation through a business plan targeting European companies. Financial models for reducing the risk of ownership related to composite and expansive equipment will be included.

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