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Certificate Schemes

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Certificate Schemes

EWF - European Welding Federation, by virtue of its unique international expertise, has developed a high integrity and specialised certification system to guarantee Manufacturer compliance with ISO 3834

Great care has been taken to detail the interpretation of ISO 3834 in terms of third party assessment, to specify and register properly trained scheme assessors and devise an operational structure so that certification of Manufacturers will be consistent whenever the scheme rules are applied. As a result, EWF ISO 3834 Manufacturer's Certification Scheme is particularly strict in the areas of qualifications and experience assessors, and the assessment of the welding co-ordination personnel in the manufacturing organization.

Clients and suppliers alike must take account of the added value, which the EWF ISO 3834 certification scheme still provides. The expertise within the EWF network of Authorised National Bodies for Company Certification - ANBCC through EWF brings maximum status and recognition through out Europe. It also ensures that opportunities for continuous improvement are optimised. Furthermore, the certified manufacturer's details are publicly displayed on the EWF web-site bringing free advertising to company's capability in terms of welding processes, materials and products

More than other manufacturing operation, welding needs a "get-it-right-first-time" approach. Certification under the EWF ISO 3834 scheme is the best way to achieve it!

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