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The EWF Courses' Guidelines cover all professional levels in welding technology and related areas, such as Thermal Spraying, Adhesive Bonding, Plastics Welding and Underwater Welding, leading to recognised qualifications in 34 countries.

The EWF system is recognised in Europe and abroad and its adoption outside Europe was established through an agreement signed between IIW - International Institute of Welding and EWF for the development of an international scheme based on the EWF Training Guidelines and Qualification procedures.

This Agreement defines that IIW Guidelines will replace the equivalent EWF Guidelines.

The following had replaced the equivalent EWF Guidelines:

  • IWE - International Welding Engineer
  • IWT - International Welding Technologist
  • IWS - International Welding Specialist
  • IWP - International Welding Practitioner
  • IWIP - International Welding Inspection Personnel
  • IW - International Welder

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