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Project Vision

The train the trainer proposed by MECCA will validate new principles for organizing in-company skills development, by establishing new model(s) for increasing the cost- and time-effectiveness of in-company adapted mixed (blended) learning and training. It facilitates virtual mobility in companies by enhancing presence at a distance for instructors and staff through the use of real time multipoint visual communication services.

  • Increase the effectiveness of in-company certification training through blended teaching that is based on video presentations of techniques, targeted mentoring, and European certification standards.
  • Increase the collective capabilities and knowledge of SME welding organizations through targeting training.
  • Help reduce training costs, including costs incurred by traveling and lost working days.
  • Deliver train-the-trainer programs targeting needs in specific training scenarios related to the welding industry, such as shipbuilding industry, Offshore industry, boiler works and industry working according to the Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC, energy sector related industries.
  • Promote the application of European standards by integrating EWF standards in the training process

Specific Goals

The proposed blended learning and training environment will focus on the areas:

  • Standardization and coordination of skills development of trainers and tutors in the apprenticeship system by using welders as a model group.
  • The development of common core quality criteria for identification of learning needs of VET teachers and trainers.
  • Constantly updated services, tools and best provider level practises assisting into continuous adaptation of training curricula for teachers, and in-company VET education schools, to be achieved through the proposed information base.
  • Development of model recommendations for facilitating virtual mobility to identify necessary new skills and competencies for VET teachers and trainers.
  • Efficient usage, awareness, adoption and implementation of real time visual communication and collaboration in skills upgrading processes and within VET.

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