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In the context of the MECCA project “tools” refers to audio and visual communications technology that can be used in the context of distance or wider blended learning activities to facilitate instructor-learner communication. Furthermore, “tools” refers to supporting equipment that can enrich a video conferencing session or a video stream that presents educational material, ranging from projectors to digital blackboards and whiteboards, as well as software applications that are supported by those.

Both video conferencing and video streaming technologies are validated as communication tools in educational environments, and specifically in the area of life long learning aiming at professional development.

Audio and visual communications technology is mature. MECCA does not aim to evaluate these technologies from the technical point of view. Rather, it aims to disseminate knowledge on how these technologies can be effectively integrated into courses, always viewing the tools as facilitators of education rather than the main objective of MECCA activities.

The educational and knowledge transfer methodologies that integrate audio and visual communication tools and are explored in MECCA have wide applications and can be adapted in other educational areas, such as higher education, graduate education, vocational training, etc.

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