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Learning Management Systems

To many LCMS systems focus on managing learning resources like text material, animations, video, sound, etc., instead of supporting interoperability in a broad sense where learning activities and learning experiences are in the centre. The current motivation for achieving standardisation in e-learning seems to be strongly focused on re-using learning resources (learning objects), and considerable effort has indeed been devoted to achieve interoperable learning technologies. The development of ADL SCORM has been one of the major initiatives towards this end. ADL SCORM draws together specifications and standards that have been developed by a number of organisations, and offers a reference model for the structure, description and sequencing of learning material in the form of Sharable Content Objects (SCO).

The quality in e-learning are influenced by important factors like features for standardized ex-change of learning materials and exchange of learning practices, accept of each others Quality Assurance Systems, and the process associated with designing learning experiences. Learning support systems should indeed include learning models where use of various types of visual communication services constitutes an important component in the learning design process. Typical examples include streaming video presentations as a tool for answering and commenting on questions, i.e. fast Reproducible Content Objects (RCO) dedicated for the special needs of a given class and learning situation, as well as integration of high quality multipoint videoconferencing into distance learning courses. Next generation distance learning systems might obtain high quality learning experiences by mixing LCMS systems and learning support systems using various types of visual communication services supporting synchronous as well as asynchronous communication processes between distributed students and teacher(s).

For instance we present two such learning management systems, moodle and it's learning.

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