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It's Learning

It’s learning" is a powerful virtual learning environment which was designed for schools and universities. Its’ defining characteristics are flexibility and user friendliness. It’s learning platform allows everyone to master the technology in order to succeed with his learning activities. In addition the platform is compatible with almost any browser or hardware platform.

It’s learning has a variety of built-in communication and cooperation tools, providing an arena where members have the ability of working either together or independently. Some of the available tools are: forums, e-mail, chat etc.

Some of the features and services that have made it’s learning platform favorite to learn-ing communities are:

  • personal portals: Every user has a personal portal displaying information relevant to him. So every user has the possibility to make choices about his user interface based on his personal interests and needs.
  • ePortfolio: With ePortfolio teachers can have a continuous insight into their students' work and as a result, they can advise/help a student independently from the others if he needs it. Moreover, learners feel secure without feeling any stigma or comparison. Users have access to their ePortfolio whenever they are online.
  • Content support: Platform allows teachers to develop their course content directly in It's learning. Alternatively, they have the possibility to import the course and essential testing content from a variety of sources.
  • Community: It's learning enhances the effective cooperation between institutions. Specifically it enables schools and universities to form a virtual community. Inside this community, teachers can develop their course content in cooperation with teachers from other institutions, share testing methods, and discuss issues specific to their field. From the other side, students have the possibility to participate in lessons from other institutions. So schools can systematically expand their curriculum.
  • Cooperative learning: It's learning platform enables students to support each other in the learning process. For instance students can work on joint projects and documents or communicate by a lot of means like discussion forums and chat. Also, they can establish their own forums. In the following picture a home page of a course is depicted:

The last advantage is that It's learning platform meets the needs of blind and visually impaired students, while it provides assistive technology which fully complies with global accessibility standards ( WAI & Section 508).

For more information visit: www.itslearning.com

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