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Web-based Courses

To be able to give flexible training, we have developed five web-based courses covering the most relevant aspects on visual communication. The e-learning materials have been created in order to point out important topics and basic components of videoconferencing as an educational tool that help improve the pedagogical methodologies. However, it is impossible to replace hands-on practice with just e-learning. In order avoid this obstacle, a number of instructional videos have been produced to help visualizing the teaching process as well as technical challenges. The courses consist of text documents and a number of instruction videos. All materials are presented in English. It is recommended that the user has got access to a videoconferencing system and necessary peripherals, where all components are installed and set up properly. The videoconferencing equipment should be able to connect to an ISDN or IP network.

Course 1. Basic training
This is a training program targeting users that have little or no experience with videoconferencing. The basic technology is described and we focus on necessary and useful peripherals that can, or should, be used.

Course 2. Design of infrastructure
To assure that different kinds of visual communication are considered to be successful for both course leaders and course participants, it is of great importantance that the tecnical infrastructure and room properties are considered thoroughly.

Course 3. Presentation technique 1 - Become familiar with Visual Communication and Collaboration
This course targets everyone that wishes to get an introduction and understanding of what videoconferencing might offer as a distance training and learning arena for organisations offering technical training.

Course 4. Presentation technique 2 - Blended Learning and Visual Communication
In this course we will be try to give basic understandings on how to plan, deliver and perform distance educational programs by use of visual communication in a blended learning context.

Course 5. Presentation technique 3 - Optimalization of Visual Communication
This is a course targeting everyone that has got some experience with videoconferencing teaching and wants to optimize the experienced quality of the lecture, both from your own and the other participants' point of view.

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